Software AG’s 2017 IoT predictions: Chatbots, smart buildings, and more


2017 will be the year of the chatbot while architects will need to turn to hardware and software vendors to gain a better understanding of their needs, according to predictions issued from German firm Software AG.

Bart Schouw, Internet of Things solution director at Software AG, said, “There is a lot of buzz around the Internet of Things and especially increased device-to-device communication. Much of this mobile, virtual and instantaneous connectivity is built on seamless...

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Brazil to focus on smart lighting with Gooee and Lumicenter partnership


US-based smart lighting start-up Gooee is going international by partnering with Brazil’s Lumicenter Lighting Group that will allow the latter to integrate and further develop Gooee’s IoT-enabling technology within its lighting products.

Lumicenter’s clients in corporate, industry, shopping malls, retail outlets, hospitality and the home, will have a range of internal/external lighting solutions that offer better value for money and increased functionality...

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Skyworks expands LTE solutions for IoT applications

Picture credit: Skyworks Solutions

Skyworks Solutions has introduced its next generation LTE Category M-1 and NB-1 front-end solutions targeting machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications requiring embedded cellular connectivity.

The new multiband modules leverage half-duplex RF operation to deliver a highly integrated, turn-key solution that addresses Release 13 specifications of the 3GPP LTE standard – providing dependable, secure, low power connectivity in a compact package....

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Mercedes-Benz partners with NVIDIA to bring AI-powered car to market

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Mercedes-Benz has announced a partnership with visual computing and GPU provider NVIDIA at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to bring an NVIDIA AI-powered car to market.

During the Mercedes Benz Inspiration talk at the event, Jen-Hsun Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA, told delegates AI was ‘the future of computing’.

“When our teams came together there was instant chemistry, and we share a common vision about how AI can change your driving experience, and...

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Nokia, Vodafone and Telit team up to expand ecosystem using NB-IoT technology


Nokia, Vodafone and wireless technology provider Telit are entering a partnership to expand the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem using Narrowband-IoT (NB-IoT) technology, the companies have announced.

Using the radio access network and elements from the Cloud Packet Core solution, Nokia deployed a fully integrated NB-IoT system at Vodafone's Open Lab in Dusseldorf, Germany. The system uses the IoT technology from Telit and will be used by the firms to expand the IoT ecosystem.


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Kudelski Group launches IoT security centre of excellence


The Kudelski Group, a digital security provider, has launched its Internet of Things Security Centre of Excellence to help and guide companies to secure their IoT innovations during a product’s lifecycle.

The centre will provide services that not only include hardware and software evaluations and assessments, but also recommendation and implementation of effective design and control frameworks, countermeasures to reduce risks, protect investments and legal advice.

The Kudelski...

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Gemalto and AT&T to team up for IoT remote subscription management


Gemalto will be providing its LinqUS On-Demand Connectivity (ODC) subscription management solution to AT&T to help the latter’s worldwide customers deploy new and highly secured Internet of Things (IoT) applications, the company has announced.

Gemalto’s remote subscription management solution and GSMA M2M 3.1 compliant Embedded SIMs (eSIMs) streamlines logistics of providing mobile...

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New research shows how IoT continues to gain momentum in US


A recent report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) reveals the exact picture of Americans who are getting used to the Internet of Things (IoT).

The report, which was conducted by MARU/VCR&C and polled over 1,200 US adults, argues that nearly every device, appliance, and even apparels are entering the ‘connected’ domain.

Around two-thirds of Americans, i.e. 62%, own at least one Internet of Things connected device (connected car, connected/smart TV, fitness...

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Microsoft announces partnerships to become major supplier of autonomous car technology

The US Transportation department recently issued proposed rules that all cars and small trucks must be equipped with vehicle-to-vehicle communication technology wherein cars will be able to talk to each other, along with traffic lights, cameras, and other infrastructure. These technologies will be necessary for safe and fully autonomous cars.

Sanjay Ravi, Microsoft’s global managing director for manufacturing...

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Hyundai plans ‘Hyper-connected Intelligent Car’ in 2020

Hyundai Motor is increasing its efforts to develop connected car technologies before the launch of a ‘Hyper-connected Intelligent Car’ in 2020.

Hyundai has independently developed ccOS (connected car Operating System) will bring advanced integrated technologies to customers by optimising high-speed transmission and reception of data within the vehicle to support increasingly complex features.


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EEMBC announces new benchmark to target IoT security functions


The Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium, EEMBC, has announced a new benchmark to ensure optimum efficiency of security implementations in IoT devices.

Currently at a development stage within the EEMBC’s IoT Security working group, the benchmark is said to provide an industry-created and standardised tool for application developers to quickly, accurately, and equitably compare the performance and energy efficiency of security solutions targeted at IoT end-point...

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Sigfox to expand its network to Slovakia and Estonia


France-based IoT connectivity provider Sigfox has partnered with SimpleCell Networks to introduce the Sigfox network in Slovakia, as well as branching out to Estonia with the help of Connected Finland.

Sigfox already has a presence in Slovakia, but operates with the help of Towercom, a company owned by Macquarie European Infrastructure Fund 4. Nearly 30% of Slovakians are currently using the Sigfox network.

Jan John, Group Director of SimpleCell, said: “We see a great opportunity...

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IoT Security Foundation announces compliance framework


The Internet of Things Security Foundation (IoTSF) has announced the publication of its IoT security compliance framework.

The framework, published at its recent annual conference in London, is in line with IoTSF’s mission to improve the quality and prevalence of security in Internet of Things (IoT). Moreover, the IoTSF promotes the Supply Chain of Trust concept which inspires producers to adopt a duty of care for their own customers and towards the wider eco-system.

The framework...

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Software AG acquires Zementis for AI and deep learning expertise


Germany-based enterprise software firm Software AG has acquired US-based Zementis, a provider of deep learning software.

Deep learning is a key ability in machine learning and data science, and a fundamental technology driving the development of artificial intelligence (AI). Software AG considers the current machine learning and AI advances as the basis for the next generation of Internet of Things (IoT) applications such as self-driving cars, personal digital assistants, medical...

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Nokia and HPE form strategic IoT enterprise partnership


A strategic collaboration has been announced between Nokia and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) to provide IoT solutions for enterprise customers. The joint offerings will combine connectivity, core networking, data aggregation and compute technologies from Nokia and HPE.

Under the partnership, both companies will jointly market and sell solutions for two IoT vertical enterprise segments: Industrial/manufacturing and Smart city applications, wherein they will provide...

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Huawei and Gemalto team up for collaborative IoT platform

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Gemalto has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Huawei at the latter’s Connect Europe event in a bid to further the vision of both the firms on global Internet of Things (IoT).

As part of the agreement, Gemalto is providing its LinqUs On-Demand Connectivity (ODC) solution integrated with Huawei’s OceanConnect IoT platform that will allow seamless connectivity through secure remote subscription provisioning and further allowing Huawei’s customers...

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Amazon Web Services introduces AWS IoT Competency


Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced the AWS IoT Competency, a program for customers to help find the right partners, with various companies already on board.

The Amazon Web Services blog writes that the opportunity for AWS partner network (APN) partners in the IoT space is enormous as the worldwide IoT market is forecast to grow exponentially in the future. IDC predicts that the global IoT market will grow to $1.46 trillion in 2020 with a CAGR of 16.1%, while the installed base of IoT...

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Retailers “overly optimistic” on promises of IoT technology, report argues

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According to a recent report from Retail Systems Research, retailers are ‘overly optimistic’ about what IoT technologies may achieve, yet only forward-thinking companies are seriously investing right now.

The report, titled ‘The Internet of Things in Retail: Getting Beyond the Hype’, was based on a survey of 129 retailers, and found several key findings.

Retailers who are keen on leveraging IoT into their businesses highlighted three general areas of focus;...

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Lack of framework-based approach delaying Indian smart city projects, says Gartner


Research firm Gartner says less than 10% of large-scale, city-wide smart city projects will be implemented across India by 2020.

Currently, the lack of a holistic, framework-based approach and a viable revenue model have delayed such projects in the country which is why many small pilot projects are underway instead of larger scale efforts.

Ganesh Ramamoorthy, research vice president at Gartner, said: “While many Indian cities have announced smart city projects, a structured...

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IBM launches global Watson IoT consulting services


Tech giant IBM has launched what its claimed to be the industry’s first global IBM Watson IoT Consulting Solutions practice to help clients drive digital transformation with the Internet of Things (IoT).

The company’s 1500 experts across IBM Watson IoT headquarters in Munich, Germany and in eight other IBM IoT centres across Asia, Europe and the US will take part in the practice. By integrating IBM Watson IoT Platform APIs and technologies, including analytics, cognitive,...

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