IoT botnet Mirai becomes more contagious

Mirai, the IoT botnet which caused record-breaking DDoS attacks last year, has become even more contagious due to a Windows variant.

Spotted by Kaspersky Labs, their security experts are in the process of analysing the first Windows-based spreader of the malware which is believed to have attacked 500 systems in the past couple of months. From the initial analysis, Kaspersky believes the new bot was developed by someone with a higher degree of skill than Mirai’s initial creators.

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ARM acquires Mistbase and NextG-Com in NB-IoT investment

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Following the approval of the NarrowBand-IoT (NB-IoT) standard last summer, ARM has announced the acquisition of two leading companies in the field.

NB-IoT offers low power and wide area connectivity designed to connect multitudes of devices at scale over a long range. The approval of the standard was a landmark moment for the IoT industry...

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Where is AI in the auto industry now – and where is it heading?


The shape-shifting, artificial intelligence (AI)-powered cars seen in futuristic films aren't appearing anytime soon but AI technology certainly exists today in the auto market and will be increasingly visible in the future.

Industry observers are saying that AI and machine learning have reached a tipping point and will cause enormous advances through the next few years...

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Telit and Yokogawa collaborate to work together on IIoT architecture


Wireless machine to machine technology provider Telit has announced that it will join hands with electrical engineering and software company Yokogawa to integrate Yokogawa’s technology into an Industrial IoT (IIoT) architecture to deliver new services to its customers.

Telit will contribute a broad portfolio of wireless IoT communication modules, a diverse collection of industrial drivers and edge analytics which enable a robust sensor onboarding capability, and powerful...

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ZingBox aims for ‘Internet of Trusted Things’, bundles AI into new solution


Cybersecurity provider ZingBox has announced the launch of a new generation of cybersecurity solutions, called IoT Guardian, which focuses on service protection.

The solution is being claimed as the industry’s first to offer a combination of deep learning algorithms to discern each device’s unique personality and enforce acceptable behaviour. Its self-learning approach continually builds on previous knowledge to discover, detect and defend critical Internet of...

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How is IoT changing the healthcare industry?


The healthcare industry is changing. There is an increased demand to offer health monitoring solutions that are not only less expensive but also more efficient and provide better care. In short, the healthcare industry is joining other industries in their efforts to provide better service for less expense – to dramatically increase value.

Like their commercial counterparts, the challenge is to accomplish this goal without compromising security and the answer is to leverage...

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Could the IoT transform customer engagement in insurance?


The Internet of Things (IoT) stepped up a gear in the automotive world earlier this month, as 02 became the first mobile operator to offer a car insurance service with the launch of 02 Drive, a service that uses IoT technology to encourage safe driving. By installing a telematics device called Box on Board, the driver’s behaviour is monitored to build up a log of data. This will indicate how safe they are on the roads – which may...

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Gartner: 8.4 billion connected ‘things’ in use worldwide in 2017


Gartner expects 8.4 billion connected ‘things’ to be in use in 2017, up 31% from the year before, according to the analyst house’s latest prognostication.

The company’s previous figure of 20.8 billion connected things by 2020 – possibly the most frequently cited Internet of Things (IoT) statistic of them all – has been revised slightly downwards, to 20.4 billion, while total spending on endpoints and services will hit almost $2 trillion this...

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Addressing the challenges of Industrial IoT with cellular IoT


With over 12 billion devices currently connected to the Internet, and an estimated 50 billion to be connected by 2020, the Internet of Things continues to affect ever-increasing aspects of our personal and professional lives. Not least in the industrial sector, as smart devices evolve to become active contributors to the business process.

Despite the numerous benefits which Industrial IoT will bring, manufacturers in...

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Statistica announces launch of Statistica Edge and new IoT partner program

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Advanced analytics provider Statistica has announced the launch of Statistica Edge and a new Internet of Things (IoT) partner program.

The Statistica Edge is designed to help organizations make informed business decisions, with the new offering also allowing firms to move beyond scoring to deploy advanced analytics and data prep workflows with conditional logic to edge devices and gateways.

Statistica is also launching a new IoT partner program that addresses the industry’s lack...

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